Produced by YNOT Studios and Relaince Entertainment and distributed by NETFLIX, this film is written and directed by Karthik Subbaraj whose previous bumper hit film “PETTA” had Rajinikanth playing the hero.

The story of JAGAME THANDHIRAM is surprisingly wishy-washy as you can get from someone as canny as Karthik Subburaj. There is no effort whatsoever in the script to make it remotely nifty. The scenes are repetitive and loopholes are copious. The flashback is a big yawn and most of the scenes are as flat as the parottas that are talked about in the film. A few important issues are touched upon without appropriately addressing them and are mostly transitory mentions. There is an overdose of characters and they have very little to do with everything swirling around Surali(Dhanush). The length of the film is distressingly long.

Dhanush does nothing new and so manages to keep the film afloat. Aishwarya Lekshmi is passable in a weak role. Joju George stands out. James Cosmo is OK.

Cinematography by Shreyaas Krishna stands out. Santhosh Narayan’s background score and songs are on expected lines. Vivek Harshan’s edit is largely slack. Dialogues are average and direction subpar.

JAGAME THANDHIRAM is less fun unless you enjoy the usual Dhanush.





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