T –Series, Skywalk Films and Abundantiya Entertainment produce this film that is written by Aastha Tiku and directed by Amit Masurkar.

The human vs animal conflict is not new to Indian Cinema, but what works in SHERNI is its simple yet effective narration. Politics, bureaucracy, manipulation are all smartly dealt with, never for once overblown. The pace can feel a little fraught, as the temperate style of staging and execution creates a case for a measured viewing. Though there is a buzz throughout the film, the lack of anticipation can be a bummer despite the rise in temperature towards the end.

Vidya Balan is fantastic and stately in a downcast and inconspicuous role. Pankaj Tripathi, Sharat Saxena , Vijay Raaz and Neeraj Kabri are all good but you wish they had much more to do than being unidimensional.

Rakesh Haridas’s cinematography is brilliant. Benedic Taylor and Naveen Chandavarkar deliver an average musical score. Dipika Kalra’s editing is fine. Dialogues are good while direction by Amit Masurkar is spot on.

SHERNI is a definite watch for its unique stripes..





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