Luca (2021)

Pixar never makes a bad film, even their lowest rated films have tremendous one time watch value. They either make a certified Classic or a very goon one which misses a Classic tag just by one or two Inches. If you believe in all these statements then don’t think about anything and watch Luca ASAP. Luca is a sort of experiment done by Pixar with inhuman creatures to leave us humans emotionally spellbound. It does not get a certified Classic tag but it’s that very good one which misses it by a few inches. Pixar’s filmography is like handlful of diamonds, half of them are the finest films ever made in world cinema (Animation genre) and the rest are still a must watch material for different different reasons. If we talk about recent classics like ‘Soul’, ‘Onward’, ‘Toy Story 4’ and ‘Coco’ then Luca is slightly less, but individually it’s a fantastic experience for all ages and all kind of taste.

Luca is a complete work of fiction when it comes to the leading characters but it has human proportions involved by the help of supporting characters. On the Italian Riviera, an unlikely but strong friendship grows between a human being and a sea monster disguised as a human. His only companion before meeting humans is his best friend – another sea monster but more matured than him. Pixar creates a fascinating world that surely mesmerizes us and some of the scenes are exactly like those wild desires we humans always dream of. This trick of showing human’s fascinating wishes through inhuman characters works tremendously well. However, there is little hurrying in the pre-climax portion which looks little dull, but then sentimental conclusion covers those loopes.

Just like every film, Pixar uses the same formula of taking you on a ride. You know this is a basic trick hypnotism to show you something wonderful then make you believe that it’s real for those particular 90 minutes of the runtime. It works same as earlier as production design and storytelling of Luca takes you on a dreamful journey of aquatic and terrestrial souls. The background score is absolutely top notch. The animation work will take you to an unseen world of sea and surface as well. Luca has a great visual appeal and the framework is technically brilliant too.

Luca is directed by a debutant Enrico Casarosa and he has done a great job considerably. However, any other experienced director from Pixar’s club would have made a little different for sure. Nevertheless, it’s a terrific start for a debutant. He believes in his conviction and makes you believe in spite of the fact that it’s a tough job in animation world. It’s not a fairytale so obviously Casarosa had to keep some things grounded and simple. Overall, Luca is another attractive piece of animated filmmaking in Pixar’s factory. Do watch it as there is nothing bad about it and who knows you might find it much better than many other animated flicks. Pixar always worth those 90 minutes of your life and Luca is no different.

RATING – 7/10*



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