Anto Joseph Film Company and AP International produce this film that is written by Sreenath V Nath and directed by Tanu Balak. The film gets an OTT release on Amazon Prime.

The premise of CC is very interesting. A double cleft approach to a murder mystery is smart but unfortunately it shows more promise and is less impactful on screen. Lack of twists and unusual suspects is a huge letdown. The script touches upon supernatural beliefs as well but again they dissolve as quickly as they appear. What works for the film is its austere approach without going overboard. The ruse works for some time. The climax looks hasty.

Prithiviraj looks super fit in an otherwise lazy role. Aditi Balan has more to do in her role and does a good job. Lakshmi Priya is OK as the advocate.

Gireesh and Jomon’s cinematography is average. Prakash Alex’s background score does not impress. Dialogues are decent. Shameer Muhammad’s editing is fine. Tanu Balak’s direction for a debutant is good.

COLD CASE had all the potential to be an intriguing thriller but ends up lukewarm.




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