Spirit Untamed (2021)


Animation is Good It’s Cute Has Some Character and Animal Love Family Friendly Moves Fast Okay Voice Acting Perfect For Target Audience

DISLIKES: Predictable Design is mixed Shallow Character Development Little Adult Factor Little Suspense Moves Too Quick Lacks The “Spirit” of the Original


Spirit Untamed is a cute movie that holds some good animation that is simple, fun, and something that families will love to see in theaters. A family friendly adventure with a lot of happiness and adventure will light up the target audience of youths, especially girls who love horses, allowing parents to also have a small escape of fun in seeing them happy. And don’t worry, there are little “stressful” moments to throw any curve balls. While simple wholesome fun, the movie does suffer from perhaps being too simple, a tale that is rather boring and predictable and lacking depth to what could have been a more wholesome story. Disney, Illumination, even DreamWorks earlier works, had more balance to the film and allowed all audiences to enjoy the spectacle, where this one is geared, including in design, to the young audience. Though it lacks the soul of the original works, it is still fun if you are looking for a G rated family outing, but this reviewer says you can watch it at home and get the same experience at a fraction of the cost.


Animation/Adventure/Family: 7.0-7.5 Movie overall: 6.0

Review by rgkarim


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