RENDAGAM is an action thriller film written and directed by Fellini T.P. It is simultaneously shot in Malayalam and Tamil and is titles as OTTU in Malayalam.

RENDAGAM begins with interestingly with an intriguing premise. With a potential script the film then travels on familiar mediocre writing wasting a neat opportunity. There is some palpable tension in the screenplay but then the film submits itself into silliness towards the end. The writing is largely confused and pointless beyond a point without a proper background .

Aravind Swami is good in parts. Kunchako Boban is a letdown Eesha Rebba is Jackie Shroff impresses.

Kashif’s background score is good. Cinematography by Goutham Shankar is neat. Dialogues are okayish. Editing is fine. Direction is wobbly.

RENDAGAM misses the boat..





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