Close on the heels of director Parthiban’s ‘Iravin Nizhal’, which the director claimed to be the world’s first non-linear, single shot film, comes another film called ‘Drama’ has now been made in a single shot.
Produced by Antony Raj M in association with Jayachandran PP, Dr Jolly Ambukan. DRAMA has been directed by Aju Kizhumala,

A single location, a single shot movie. DRAMA makes the right noise. Can’t help but notice the efforts that went into making the film. The first 20 minutes towards staging could have been done away with. Then on its on predictable lines. The screenplay could have been interesting. The length of the film and songs are a dampener.

Kishore and Charlie the seasoned actors that they are deliver well. Jai bala is decent and the rest have worked hard.

Bijibal’ background score is okay. Cinematography by Shamshudeen is fine. Dialogues are average. Editing could have been better. Direction is neat.

DRAMA scores on effort..





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