PATTATHU ARASAN is a sports action drama film written and directed by A. Sarkunam and produced by Allirajah Subaskaran of Lyca Productions.
One more run of the mill rural story, PATTATHU ARASAN doesn’t shy away from being the routine plot that most of these rural “huge” family dramas offer. The narration and the screenplay is so similar to the hundreds before that the Kabbadi theme gets overshadowed by this senseless drama on display. Lack of humour and comedy is a downer. The climax is a mockery of the sport itself and thankfully ends sooner than expected.
Atharva does his bit. Rajkiran emotes well but doesn’t fit the character. Aashika Ranganath is OK. Jayaprakash and the rest go through the routine without a sweat.
Lokanathan’s cinematography is average. Ghibran overdoes the background score. The songs don’t stay. Dialogues are plain and direction underwhelming.

PATTATHU ARASAN is tepid and lazy.





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