AGENT KANNAYIRAM is an Indian Tamil-language mystery comedy-thriller film directed by Manoj Beedha and produced by Labyrinth Films. AGENT KANNAYIRAM is the remake of the critically acclaimed Telugu film Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya.

Santhanam is supposedly a hero with an image and hence the makers have adapted the Telugu original to suit Santhanam’s dry humour and ostentatious style that consistently ruins the effectiveness of the screenplay. The focus has been to do away with the soul of the story and concentrate on the “making” and hence it becomes a tiring effort to follow the narration. Contradiction in the screenplay is a disappointment and some parts are rushed for reasons unknown. The second half is manageable when the film starts taking itself seriously and like always an unnecessary message that TFI likes to crow would satisfy some whoevers..

Santhanam exaggerates his mannerisms. Riya Suman is decent. Redin Kingsley and Pugazh are average.

Theni Eashwar and Saravanan Ramasamy helm the camera and try to be different. Yuvan Shankar Raja flirts with a jazzy score. Ajay’s editing is incoherent. Dialogues are average and direction is middling.

AGENT KANNAYIRAM does no justice to the original..





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