Keerthy Suresh – She acted in a biopic where she looks as a replica of famous actor Savitri. She gives her performance to the best in every scene of the film and attracts audience with her innocence and emotions.
Dulquer Salmaan – He plays his role very nicely which has a slight negative touch in his character.
Samantha – She is well suited as a anchor in the film. Her dedication is impressive as she dubbed in the film and her acting in the climax shows her talent.
Vijay Deverakonda– He performed quite well in the film and the chemistry
between him and Samantha is excellent.
Others – Well Done
Cinematography – Outstanding
Screenplay – Decent
Direction – Admirable and Perfect
Mahanati(2018) – The movie is all about the life of great telugu actress Savitri. Director is the life of the film who has done an amazing job in this biopic. He shows the life of Savitri her ups and downs without adding unnecessary scenes and stays true which is a very challenging task. Dialogues are meaningful and makes you feel emotional. Cameraman gets the full credit as it is not easy to show the movie of 1980’s in a realistic way. Background throughout the film makes you feel the depth of the film. Music is good and songs are quite apt to the film. In the first half, you will enjoy the childhood scenes of Savitri’s which creates fun and also with an interesting love story. Second half of movie is emotional as it was full of problems she faced in her life. Costumes and makeup department did their great job which made Keerthy Suresh look same as Savitri in the film. Keerthy Suresh made this film success with her superb performance as she delivered best in her mainly in all the climax scenes. Samantha did her best in the film which makes you can feel emotionally at the end of the film. All the supporting actors acted very well in the film. You may feel dull and cinematic if you don’t know the life story of Savitri. Stunning job did by the whole team of the film. Everyone must watch the film as it is rare telugu biopic of famous actress.

Review by Harshitha



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