102 Not Out(2018)

Amitabh Bachchan: Amitabh Bachchan as Dattatray Vakharia portrays the lively character of a grumpy aged man, with his cries and silence with a hope which connects well with the audience.
Rishi Kapoor: Rishi Kapoor as Babulal Vakharia acts as glue bringing the scenes of the film together. The honest characterization of an old grumpy man by Rishi Kapoor is commendable.
JimitTrivedi: The character of Dhiru (a cordial chemist boy) played by Jimit Trivedi tries to provide he comic relaxation. Story: Adapted from the famous Gujarati play, this movie throws light on the extraordinary bond between a son aged 75 years & a father aged 102 years who is desirous of breaking the oldest living an’s record.
Cinematography: Elevating
Screenplay: Cute&Subtle
Direction: Umesh Shukla’s directional treatment of the Gujarati play of the identical name is light-hearted, simple and crisp. It has refreshing bright frames and the chemistry between father and son is pleasantly depicted with entertaining dialogues and neat comics.

102 NOT OUT (2018): Director very closely followed the Gujarati play penned down by Saumya Joshi for his 2nd film (after OMG). The audience is delicately but slowly drawn into the manifold of the story and bestow their compassion for the 2 aged characters that makes ‘102 Not Out’ a simple family story so unique and refreshing. The film depicts the true facets of life journey filled with intimacy, love, compassion, togetherness & care, unfolding at a steady pace through the run time of 102 mins.

Review by Shreya Ghosh


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