Driving Licence (2019)

Driving license

Directed by – LAL Jr
Written by – Sachi
Editing by – Ratheesh Raj
Cinematography – Alex .J .pulickal and Ranadive

Leading roles played by Prithvi Raj , Suraj Venjaramoodu, Miya , Deepthi sathi , Nandu , Lalu Alex , Saiju Kurup , Suresh Krishna

Driving license is a movie where in a vehicle officer (Suraj) keeps the youth star (Prithvi Raj) as his role model . A fan who watches his movies on the first day itself . The movie shows how much passionate he is . The movie goes on , after which a problem arises between them , which shows how they compete each other using their career .

A simple story which doesn’t carry any twist or suspense and also doesn’t loose any continuity . Special mention to Suraj Venjaramoodu and Prithviraj’s combination . Suraj was able to maintain his character and was also able to compete with Prithviraj . Prithviraj also portrays a negativity in his role. Mass scenes for audiences is also included

The role played by Saiju Kurup as a politician is well brought up . Lalu Alex who plays the role as a corporate is also well appreciated .
Suresh Krishna’s role has lost continuity in certain areas. But over all it was good .
Miya and Deepthi sathi hadn’t much to do in the film and Ashish Praveen (who is Suraj’s son ) has been well appreciated .

Technically direction and editing works is good . Cinematography is well maintained and the continuity of the script is well kept.

Over all Driving licence is a average entertainer and a good family movie


Review by Vinay joy

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