Kappela (2020)

Kappela is one of the most enjoyable movies of the year 2020 and it should not be missed by any movie geek. Directed by Muhammed Mustafa, the film is an enroute into the mishmash of human psyche. Shot within the scenic locations of Wayanad, the camera focuses its sweeping images through the greenery of the grass to the warmth of the oceanic blue. The plot begins with the simpleton life of a young girl named Jessy (Anna Ben) and the intricacies that follows her insignificant life within a village sphere. Anna Ben is remarkably excellent in her role where we feel she lives through the character Jessie rather than playing it out. The simple wonders of Jessy’s life around, a sweetened romance that blossoms and the complexities that encompasses her young mind is what follows as the thread of the storyline.

While the first half deals more with the character Vishnu played by Roshan Mathew, the second half filters more into the character of Roy played by Sreenath Bhasi. Jessy stands out to lead the entire plot from the beginning to the end without losing a single array of its form and structure which fixes her character to the plot. The first half plods slowly with its own exquisite delicacies while the second half sets ready to throw its own tantrums in multiple ways.

The direction can be called as impeccable as the story is tight packed with no extraneous chapters glued with. The well packed story has been portrayed in the most convincing manner and the characters could merge with a realistic scene that fills us the aesthetic bend of the audience psychology. Though not based on an uncommon theme, the plot has been well conceived and deserves a remarkable applause. The layers of contradictions that lie within human mind is in fact the crux of the story and the gray areas of being a protagonist and an antagonist has been well articulated in the movie. The serenity of relationships and the bruises of conflicts along with virtue overpowering through vice, turns out to be the platform on which the movie builds its pace.

Though not a thriller, the movie sticks you to the edge of your seat as perplexities blow up and thuds hard on your chest. The background score was perfectly suitable for the theme it upheld with the buds of agony and suspicion growing around. The most beautiful part of the movie is where it has been able to drive home the fact that the general perception we hold onto cannot always trail smooth as human mind is unpredictable.

Roshan Mathew goes one step ahead of his usual romantic perfection and has matured into a real actor in this movie. He has handled his role by blending into the veracious nuances of the character Vishnu. Sreenath Bhasi, who is more a veteran in handling comedy had filtered in another testimony of the variations of character sketches that he can handle convincingly. The cinematography of the movie done by Jimshi is beyond description and the very last scene stands as a proof for his finesse and perfection with which the entire frame runs.

The movie is a well-crafted one with convincing characters, depicted in the most reliable form. This is one of the best movies of the year without much furore and ruckus where it contours the lines of simplicity, plurality of themes as well as its didactic methodology. Beautifully scripted, well-crafted and executed in the most brilliant way, this is a must watch.

If you miss this movie, you will definitely miss one of the best movies of the year. This movie is a must watch. Go ahead without a pinch of doubt.

Review by LitScreen – Krishna Sunder

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