Impetigore (2019)

The set up of this film feels very convincing. The dialogue is pretty good. The interaction between characters in this film feels natural and believable.The setting and tone of this film is no doubt one of the best in Indonesian film history. One of my favorite aspect of this film is the depiction of a culture that feels sacred and real. This really helps bring up the feeling of uneasiness from the audiences.

After a convincing build up, the film feels like it ended in a hurry. The mysteries that have been built slowly from the start are forced to be answered in some flashbacks that are annoying and feel too long.The motivation of the villain feel poorly developed. At the end of this film, I feel there is a scene that can be compared to the “save Martha” scene which I think is quite stupid.

Maybe the problem with this film is rooted in the film’s duration which is not long enough. This film can be a real masterpiece, but sadly this film did not reach its full potential. I really hope that Joko Anwar fix these problems in his next films.

Review by stephanushanurjaya

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