Uyare (2019)

“Uyire” Malayalam movie Serious emotional drama, where crying is NOT the option.

Parvathy as an actress, matured through her movies like “Notebook, City of God, Bangalore days, Ennu ninte Moideen, Take off” has taken her stardom, her ability to handle complex characters to a senior level, in this. Hats off. Asif Ali as a male chauvinistic boy-friend, Tovino as an eccentric playboy, Sidhique as her father… all supported Pallavi Ramachandran (Parvathy), well in their own departments. Director and scriptwriters have chosen the difficult plot and fined tuned it, to the taste of the audience.

The movie is about the smart young girl’s dream of flying and becoming a pilot, her orthodox boy friend with superior male patriarchal personality, her accident, her resurrection from that like a Phoenix, all leading to the unexpected climax… is the presentation. Camera work is superb to take us through the clouds and above. Background score and songs are apt for the situation and kept with the theme. More than these, the dialogues were woven well, to keep the essence of the emotions, it meant. More than the dialogues, ‘the silence’ at scenes, spoke in volumes. A scene worth thousand words. Scene where the boy’s father come for compromise, the confrontation by Pallavi with a deep silence, is touching… shakes your conscious like a earthquake, 9 on Richter scale.

9 on 10 for this high pitched emotional drama. More than the ‘acid attack survivor’ story, it’s about determination to outlive all hindrances of your ‘only’ life.

When you want something, the whole world conspires in helping you to achieve it’. Paulo Coelho, ‘The Alchemist”

Review by shyammukundan


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