Ayyappanum Koshiyum (2020)

Pritiviraj and Biju Menon Shines In this Neat and Perfect Edge seat Entertainer of Its Characters.

Strong,Rivalary,and Standout Performances From Prtiviraj Havldar Koshi A Stylish Look,Punch dialouges,Slang, Varieties of His Dialouges too.Biju menon Ayyappan nair A Retired police officer A Stylish Look, Serious Dialouges,and slang of his palakkkdan Varieties of dialouges too. Both Prtivraj and Biju Menon Are Our Real Superstars of Ayyapanum Koshiyum of their Powerful,Stunning and Strong Performances From Their Inner Dialouges and their Mind too Amazing Combo Pritivraj and Biju menon Amazing Combo.

Other characters-Ranjith,Anna reshma rajan,johnny antony,Sabumon, anu Mohan,anil Nedumbhangad,Renith Elamadu,shaju ks,Gowri nandha, Biju menon and Pritivraj are Powerful,Strong,Amazing And Superb Acting with Their Characters too.
The Plot and Content with twist in Tail was Amazing and Brilliant too With its Beautiful Storyline and its Culture,Slang,Tribal people etc.

Amazing Combo scenes of Biju menon and Pritiviraj In their rivalary Faceoff In the battle too.
Direction Was Outstanding and Amazing-Thanks to Sachy sir Writer of Driving licence,Run baby run and Ramaleela too.
Best Editing
Best Screenplay
Best storyline and Its Brilliant Making too.
Best Cinematography
Best Background music
Best Music
Beautiful songs,Visuals,and Vfx too
Background score was epic too
Dialouges are Powerful,Strong,and Standout too.
Script Was Mindblowing,Stunning,Amazing too.
Best Producer.

Writer Sachy as Nailed and Kept The Title at a perfect space Entertain too.
The Last Climax Showdown Was a turnaround Both Biju chettan and Rajuvettan are Triple Triple Triple Strong Faceoff Man Verus Man comes A Final showdown Both Getting a Mass Syle,Action,Fights too.
Climax Was Stunning,Amazing, MindBlowing Fantastic too.
Verdict- Ayyappanum Koshiyum A Rivalary Face off Mass Action Entertainer From Stunning,Strong and Standout Performances From Pritviraj and Biju Menon Makes a Complete Watch in Theatres.
Loved a lot
Ayyapanum Koshiyum Movie.
Superb and Fantastic Ayyapanum Koshiyum Movie.

Review by Jovy Joyson Akkarapaty


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