Scam 1992

Being a Share Market enthusiastic Trader cum Investor, I can definitely get attached to this show (especially to it’s terminology). I have researched all about these Financial scams from long back but this Harshad Mehta’s Scam was ‘thoda hatke’ then others. In fact he was genius at his era and have guts to do the Big things there. Shortly he found some loopholes in the system and used it to make his own (basically his company’s) profits very Smartly. But my dear friend Ghotala Is Ghotala and Crime is Crime. He have to pay his prices as well.

Coming to the Web series Point of view. WoW… The Casting.. I mean I really wanna give a big applause for the casting director of this show. He totally choosed the perfect combo for this show and the main characters like Pratik Gandhi and Dhanwantary both did fabulous job here. And the supporting casts as well done a phenomenal job for this show. The Sets designed in 80s’ & 90s’ era and the Facts shown here in this show without any defects are simply deserves High Respects. The Old songs tadka at the end of every episodes also pretty nice.

Overall I can say, I have watched probably best web series of 2020 among Indian Web series industry and hands down I’ll go for 9 out of 10 stars for it. You can watch it with family but just some basic slangs have to avoid though!

Review by nitishkumarmohanta


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