TEDDY is loosely adapted from the Hollywood franchise TED. Shakti Soundarrajan is the director and writer of the film and TEDDY is produced by Studio Green.

TEDDY has an amusing story line but unfortunately the writing is dismal and gets hyperbolic as the movie progresses. Kollywood’s fascination for medical madness continues with very little commonsense. The characters are half baked while the narration is juvenile. A few comic scenes work partially while the rest fall flat. The character TEDDY is a nice touch and could have been better handled. Too many songs in the first half act as obstacles in the already slow paced narration. Post interval the movie gets into a mess with a poorly executed climax.

Arya is okayish. Sayeesha has very few scenes on screen. Satish as Arya’s sidekick does his unimpressive bit. The rest are decent.

Yuva’s cinematography is very functional. VFX is average. Imama’s background score is good while the songs are fine. Shivandeeswaran’s editing lacks finesse. Dialogues are average and direction very ordinary.

TEDDY can be a lazy watch on OTT if nothing to do..





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