KAADAN is produced by EROS International and is written and directed by Prabhu Solomon. The film has had a delayed release due to the Covid pandemic.

PS is back with his herd of elephants and a genuine cause to fight for. Advantage PS as he has a very good production house, wonderful cast and sound technical team to espouse the cause, but then PS makes a mess of the opportunities and KADAAN ends up just like every other film that promises more than it can deliver. Loosely etched characters based on real life characters and banal political references do not help either.

Rana is the best thing that the movie offers. He is earnest, honest and lives the character. The rest Vishnu Vishal, Shriya and Zoya are decent but look out of place in their underdeveloped roles.

Ashok Kumar’s camera work is decent while the CG is very elementary. Resul Pookuty’s sound design is good and brings alive the sounds of the jungle. Shantanu Moitra’s music is fine. Buvan’s editing does not add spark. Dialogues are OK while direction is average.

KAADAN is like one of those movies that you have been watching for well over 100 years, noble intent, but feeble attempt.





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