SULTHAN is written and directed by Bakkiyaraj Kannan of REMO fame. Dream Warriors have produced this film. The film has generated quite a buzz and gets a wide theatrical release.

The plot in the story is very generic that is bespattered with a huge army of extras and an unconvincing “cause”. There is a forced romance wherein the heroine looks alien in a remote village. Though the déjà vu sets in very early this formulaic film plods on leaving a familiar trial no surprises. The comedy falls flat, so do the emotions that do not kindle any response from the audience. Identifying logic is like looking for a familiar face among the thousand extras. There are a dozen actors who appear and vanish without reason.

Karthi delivers a decently ordinary performance. Rashmika is tedious in a inconsequential role. A bevy of support cast including the KGF villain Ram do not impress.

Sathyan Sooryan’s cinematography lights up the action. Vivek Mervin’s songs are not great nor does the background score stir. Ruben’s editing is slack. Dialogues are OK. Direction is standard.

SULTHAN is an assortment of commercial flicks that might pass of as a very average entertainer offering nothing new.





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