IRUL is jointly produced by Anto Joseph Film Company and Plan J Studios. Directed by debutant Naseef Yusuf and written by a team of 5 writers, the film has a NETFLIX release.

The movie begins at a very indolent pace, although the nervous ambience and atmosphere keeps the audience edgy. As the movie progresses on an expected route, albeit a very few smart interaction between the characters, the story starts pulling itself down on the weight of its own heavy expectations. The script has large gaping holes and the lacks the intensity of a crime thriller. The jump scares hardly make you fidget, the layers do not disentangle and the predictability of the whodunit waters down whatever interest you might have in the climax.

The film survives because of its cast, Fahadh Faasil is good as you expect him to be. Darshana and Soubin live up as well, but then the script does not offer enough for them to up their game.

Technically the film is good. Jomon T John’s cinematography is on the mark. Sreerag Raji’s music is fine. Sound engineering is good. Shameer’s editing could have been crisper. Dialogues are decent and direction is underwhelming.

IRUL, despite good promise just fades away making no impression.





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