Produced by Bhavana studios JOJI is written by Syam Puskaran and directed by Dileep Pothan. This movie gets an AMAZON Prime release..

Loosely based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth JOJI is wonderfully scripted, amazingly cast and brilliantly directed. The film does not waste any time in establishing it’s characters that come in various hues while the screenplay is all poise in building up the tension. The writing is splendid and the performances take the drama to a higher level.

Superbly cast, none look out of sorts. Faahad Faasil, anything said would be less about this phenomenal actor. He just aces it. Babu Raj, Sunny, Unnimaya Prasasd, Mundakayam Alex all fire up the screen.

Cinematographer Shyju Khalid’s captivating camera work and angles add great depth. Justin Varghese’s background score is smart and inquisitive. Editor Kiran Das keeps it sharp. Dialogues are good and direction top notch..

JOJI is a wonderfully crafted film that deserves a must watch recommendation..





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