Kalaipuli Thanu’s V CREATIONS produces this film that is written and directed by Mariselvaraj.

Mariselvaraj’s Pariyerum Perumal garnered good reviews from the critics while in this film Mariselvaraj takes the commercial route with a huge star in Dhanush to fight “Oppression”. The script is one dimensional and the narration is black and white. Set 25 years ago the story has nothing new to offer. The romance is as template as you expect in such films. The recent ASURAN hangover does not help either.

Dhanush brings nothing new to the table in a role that’s so typecast these days for him. He sleepwalks through the film. Lal does his best. Rajisha looks bored in a silly role. Yogi Babu’s experiment fails.
Theni Eswar’ cinematography gives the necessary edge to the scenes. Background and songs are typical. Dialogues are decent and direction standard

KARNAN despite all the hype is a sacrifice of our time and money..





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