Yuvarathnaa (2021)

Saw this late show and got tired coming out. Had high expectations but failed to match.

First half felt in hurry and didn’t had any real emotional attachment for any character or the issue to connect. It feels deliberate, superficially created conflict just to start a story. There is no empathy for the scenario of the first act and most other characters felt cardboard props just there for hero. Though Prakash Raj had a bit of space to shine but still it didn’t had a story arc or anything which tells about him. Can’t reveal more. Everything in first half was so bland, spoon-feeding of who the hero is and his real life background is sprinkled thorough-out film as if it’s so gets in the way each frame.

Second half slightly shows a growth of story but revolves on the same lines and ends deliberately force feeding an educational message. Even jokes before and later a bit seems not good enough. Even Rajakumara the earlier movie of the director had similar issue. But Mr and Mrs Ramachari was good and that sequence of fights scenes were repeated. Even the song had so many of those nature to appease who you are watching and influences of other cinemas. I mean if you overdo hero appeasement it comes across fake, not so good. And that’s what it feels even though second half had some good bits but the ending doesn’t seem convincing because of how it started as there is no point of Prakash Raj’s act or how the movie starts.. There is last scene where hero cries holding a person it doesn’t have that depth of emotional attachment to the role itself.

Many actors were not used properly. Irony is the theme, the story what it’s conveying itself doesn’t seem holding up those principles.

Every actor including Hero holds great potential but felt not truly utilized to their strengths and ending being trophy pieces in every scenes. But for fan of actor, surely it’s good movie but as general audience its a decent one time watch movie. Go watch in theaters.

Review by rohitreviews


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