Produced by 24HOURS Productions PARAMAPADHAM is written and directed by Thirugnanam. The film was supposed to have a theatre release in February and various factors has led to an OTT release.

The story is a very contrived one and the script is hopelessly poor. Convenience seems to be main focus in the screenplay and plain common sense takes the boot. The characters are caricatures that mock each other and the movie moves at an excruciating slow pace obvious to its lack of intelligence. The narration can put a primary drama to shame.

Trisha is back after a long interval, unfortunately. Nandha is as wooden as you get. Why even talk about the rest.

A few minutes of silence for the technical team. Whatever their reasons. SAD.. Dinesh is the cinematographer. Aneesh Ganesh scores the music. Prem edits the film. The dialogues are bad and the direction substandard.

PARAMAPADHAM avoid the game at all costs.



B.U. Shreesha


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