99 SONGS gets a huge buzz because of music composer ARR who not only composes music for the film but also is the story writer of the film. ARR along with Jio productions produce this film.

The story of the film is as uninteresting as it can be. It’s bland, soulless and superficial. Flashbacks mar the already tedious proceedings and the characters are gratuitous. The splendid visuals and energetic background score does little to eliven the dull proceedings. ARR is known for his path breaking music style but as a story writer 99 SONGS is so planar in substance, cursory in approach and shallow in execution.

A huge supporting cast, new comers Ehan Bhat and Edilsy Vargas are decent Manisha Koirala, Lisa Ray, Ranjit Barot and Rahul Ram got little to do to be any convincing.

Tanay Satam and James Cowley lighten up the frames. ARR:s energetic background score works well. Songs 14 are passable. Akshay Mehta and Shreyas Beltangdy edit the film stylishly. Dialogues are decent. Direction is very ordinary.

We would rather prefer 99 SONGS of ARR than one story from him.



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