Nobody (2021)

No character development, cheesy soundtrack. Way over the top, Depressing and get this one… too violent. These are just some of the hilariously bad review points made by many people giving this flick negative scores.

No character development? Pretty sure Hutch is fleshed out a hell of a lot more than john wick was in his first film. His back story is more mysterious, he’s not just a hitman like John, he actually worked for the government as a assassin. And his father and partners history are not explored at all.. Maybe in a sequel you’ll get those spoon fed answers you need for the film to be enjoyable.

The soundtrack was great. I guess some people don’t appreciate older music…

Way over the top… hmmm okay? What did you expect.

Depressing… I guess if you don’t have any type of dark sense of humor what so ever, then yes.. This film is going to be a depressing kill fest and you should avoid it.

Speaking of kill fests… How can anyone complain a action film like this is too violent. If this genre of film doesn’t usually interest you, why watch it.. or if it was a random pick and you didn’t know what you were getting in for, why not turn it off as soon as Old Bob starts the mayhem on the bus? No need to moan on here about it..

Its far from a perfect film, but for what it is and is trying to achieve and the enjoyment factor if you like bloody action flicks, then its worth your time.

Review by MoistMovies


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