Nenjam Marappathillai (2021)


Produced by Escape Artists Motion,GLO Studios and Southside Studios NENJAM MARAPPATHILLAI is written and directed by Selvaraghavan. The film was supposed to be a 2017 release.

Kollywood had a deluge of horror films few years back and they came in with a lot of flavours and Selvaraghavan decides to add his stamp to this unexplored territory in his repertoire. He spends a lot of time in his attempt to establish the lead characters in the film, especially that of Suryah. The writer in Selvaraghavan gets indulgent to showcase the eccentricity that he typically brings to the male lead character in his films. It does go overboard and well, that is expected of him. The problem with NM is that it lacks sensitivity and logic in trying to depict the cruel side of the uncharitable society at large and their coldness towards the crime they commit. Also Selvaraghavan goes full length in NM to improve on his consistent philandering with the “convent” ideas not to forget his rant on Ramsay, Ramasamy and Ram. After an hour and half of an over the top presentation and dilly dallying a very ordinary plot Selva takes the cliché route to close the film in his style.

Suryah is why the film works to some extent. Thanks to him and if you can ignore his oft repeated antics, the film survives. Regina Cassandra is good. Nandita Shweta is okayish.

Aravind Krishnan’s cinematography makes its mark. Yuvan delivers well for his brother in the background score as well as the songs. Prasanna GK edits the film and seems to have played ball with the director. Dialogues are OK and direction springs no surprise.
NENJAM MARAPATHILLAI is to be viewed strictly through Selva’s lens and for the ones who don’t, it looks chaos.





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