A Family Man (2016)

Willem Dafoe – Casual and cool
Gerard Butler – One of his best. Transformation from being tough to soft guy was excellent and matured performance from him.
Alison Brie – Lived as a perfect mom. Most of the places she has scored over Butler
Max Jenkins – Too good!
Julia Butters – Cute Doll!
Others – Inspiring
Story – It’s about the life of an head hunter who struggles when priorities comes between his job and his personal life.
Cinematography – Remarkable
Screenplay – Placid
Direction – Dictating
A Family Man (2016) – This movie starts with how the head hunting works, their target and pressure in their work. The dialogue delivery is awesome to convince the people on both the client and customer side. This movie also showing some historic places like “The Tribune Tower – Most famous rock segment are embedded into this tower”,Wrigley building etc as it is part of the beautiful moments. Few scenes between brother and sister in the hospital are touching and emotional. It’s a perfect family subject showing the struggles of a family man, how he juggles his life between work and his personal life. Worth your time.


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