Kurangu Bommai (2017)

Bharathirajaa – Matured
Vitharth – He is a natural actor but haven’t got much scope or script to perform after “Myna” movie. In this movie, he has proved again. All the best and way to go!
Kumaravel – It’s good to see him in the negative role and he had proved he can do any role
Delna Davis – Cool but justifying
Kalki – New face with energetic performance
Others – Supportive
Story – An honest driver is in search of a person to give the stolen bag thinking it has full of money but later he came to know he carrying something else
Cinematography – Observing
Screenplay – The screenplay is good enough to keep audience in the thrill mode.
Direction – Neat job
Kurangu Bommai (2017) – The story is a fresh one interconnecting different characters to the main thing(Kurangu pommai Bag). The title matches well with the movie. Most of the characters in the movie are utilized well and screenplay is good enough to keep us in seat edge.  The director’s effort is clear seen in each and every scene. Small budget movie like this should be encouraged. it’s a good movie and worth your time.


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