The Villainess (2017)

Ok-bin Kim – Effortless and Multi talented. Stunned with her stunt.
Ha-kyun Shin – Matured, Smart and Tough
Jun Sung – Cute and Honest performance
Others – Balanced
Story – A woman assasin seeks revenge on people from her past life
Cinematography – Plenty of hard work. It’s Impressive.
Screenplay – Sharp. Even if you miss one scene, you will be confused to understand the next scene.
Direction – Superior
The Villainess (2017) – One of the best action thriller. The movie starts with a stunt sequence which is very raw and camera matches the speed of the stunt. Most of the camera shots are lengthy one and excellently handled. This sort of camera work is something new to the cinema industry and the hard work is clearly seen through cinematography and stunts. Make sure you don’t miss any scenes while watching. It’s a must watch for action lovers!

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