Final Recipe (2013)

Having premiered in various festivals in 2013 and 2014, Gina Kim’s Final Recipe had to wait two years to get released anywhere, and has still only come out in Mainland China. A South Korean-Thai production shot in English and Mandarin, it tells of Mark (Henry Lau), a student who was raised by his grandfather Hao (Chang Tseng), after his mother died and his father left on a business trip and … Continue reading Final Recipe (2013)

Cook Up a Storm(2017)

‘Cook Up A Storm’ may be arriving later than its peers, but it is easily the most satisfying CNY movie we’ve seen this year. As much as it may be about the rivalry between the Cantonese street cook Sky Ko (Nicholas Tse) and the French-trained Michelin-starred chef Paul Ahn (Jung Yong-hwa), this gastronomic-themed drama is more compellingly about Sky and his father Mountain Ko (Anthony … Continue reading Cook Up a Storm(2017)

Feel the Beat (2020)

“Dance is music made visible.” George Balanchine. Feel the Beat is a shameless pre-teen dance competition musical of the kind that Pitch Perfect recently produced with the same formula for voice. And countless other competitions in film history. What saves it from being the most saccharine, unimaginative film of the year is its unabashed sincerity that these adolescents–one chubby, one deaf, one poor, one boy, … Continue reading Feel the Beat (2020)

Greyhound (2020)

This film harkens back to the 1940’s-1950’s WWII films like “30 Seconds Over Tokyo,” “They Were Expendable,” “The Fighting Seabees,” etc. That were very heavy on action with little fuss made over an attached drama. The action was what was central, and “Greyhound” all by disposes of any need to fluff things up with families waiting at home. “Das Boot” is probably the best comparison … Continue reading Greyhound (2020)

Resistance (2020)

Greetings again from the darkness. Learning of the courageous people who found their own way to battle the Nazis during World War II never gets old. Sometimes brain power and courage are more important than gun power. Such is the case in this latest from writer-director Jonathan Jakubowicz, who brings a fascinating story from within the French Resistance to the big screen. This is a … Continue reading Resistance (2020)

The Old Guard (2020)

The Old Guard is in short a captivating, entertaining and memorable action film. It has all the action you want, along with some nice character moments in between that give everything a bigger purpose. Charlize Theron has to be appreciated for continuing to star in such intense action roles and delivering with finesse. Unlike other superhero movies, this one isn’t vastly high on CGI (at … Continue reading The Old Guard (2020)

Blackfoot Trail (2014)

Backcountry is a good example how one simple premise can still be thrilling with clever production and a few grisly scenes. Using scenery and only minimum amount of characters, it succeeds on creating the sense of isolation and overwhelming helplessness. The movie doesn’t venture to cheap scare territory and while it can be slow at times, its modest nature delivers what it sets out to … Continue reading Blackfoot Trail (2014)