Vivegam (2017)

Ajith Kumar – One Man Army. Sincere and dedicated. Hats Off.
Kajol Agarwal – Charming doll and her costume design makes her more beautiful. Justifying.
Vivek Oberoi – There is not much scope for his acting except talking.
Others – Okay
Story – A spy thriller with friendship betrayal as the core element
Cinematography – Hard working
Screenplay – Good but slow in between
Direction – Mass
Vivegam (2017) – Victory. It’s more like Jason borne movie style. Actor Ajith and Director siva are joining together for the 3rd time with stylish action genre. It’s purely a mass movie for Ajith fans and his effort is really appreciable. We can see his hard work in each and every scenes. The action sequences are impressive. The dialogues are powerful and deep but the continuity and logic is missing in most places. Once again their combo is back with victory and worth watching for Ajith kumar and his efforts. 


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