Spyder (2017)

Mahesh Babu- Underplayed but he is always best performer in the screen
Rakul Preet Singh – Cute and innocent but used like a pickle in the movie
S.J.Surya – Tough and well played
Bharath – Guest and rest
Others – Just
Story – A cat and mouse game between Protagonist and antagonist but served with less spice
Cinematography – Good
Screenplay – Slow and steady
Direction – Average compared to his previous movies
Spyder (2017) – The story starts with tapping of a phone call which leads and result to the murder, followed by protagonist(Mahesh babu) in search of antagonist(SJ suryah). We have seen many Hollywood movies using phone tapping concept but using this hint it was made into story in this spyder movie. The story and reason behind the death lacks power. As far as performance, the top casting has done their job well. Less effective and one time watchable.


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