Spoor (2017)

Agnieszka Mandat-Grabka – Aggressive, caring, dominating and honest
Wiktor Zborowski – Emotional, Jealous and True
Jakub Gierszal – Energetic
Others – Team work
Story – A retired woman who works as a teacher stands between the mystery of a murder involving poachers and deers
Cinematography – Neat work
Screenplay – Smooth
Direction – Poetic
Agnieszka Holland(Director) – Most eminent Film maker in the polish cinema and her contribution mostly known for politics based cinema.
Spoor (2017) – It’s a Poland movie. One of the best country still blessed with nature and blissful to watch the location . Cinematography was so cool and pleasant to give us eye catching treat. This movie is traveling based on the season and it also shows animals are hunted based on the different season, unseen animals are also shown and it is explained clearly. This movie also shows humanity is still there through the main character. Limited casting, Merging background music, performance based role for everyone and top class execution. Another movie added to the list of world cinema. Well executed thriller.


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