Single Rider (2017)

Byung-hun Lee – One man show again! This role completely different from his past role. He has proved again by adopting to any kind of role. Brilliant and he carried the whole script in his shoulder.
Hyo-jin Kong – Matured and responsible.
Others – Proving
Story – After losing everything in life, a man who travels from Korea to Australia in search of his family
Cinematography – Impressive
Screenplay – Surprising
Direction – Kudos
Single Rider (2017) – Mystery Drama which will make you to travel along the character. Technically well made and cinematography is a treat. This movie also shows the lifestyle of people migrating to economically developed countries. It shows their fight and struggle to earn money and adapting to their culture. The reality is different living in abroad compared to what we live in our home country. Survive with hope. Kudos to the background music as it keeps the movie lively. Well made movie in all aspects! Must watch for Byung-hun Lee!


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