Puthiya Niyamam (2016)

Mammootty – Casual and Natural performance from him showing his mass towards climax.
Nayanthara – experienced and matured
Roshan Mathew – Performance oriented
Others – Good
Story – A story about a lawyer and his wife who is a kathakali dancer
Cinematography – Simple
Screenplay – Placid
Direction – Genuine
Puthiya Niyamam (2016) – It’s a simple, practical and well made thriller movie.  This movie also shows about the drugs and it’s impact on human. The result of  in taking drugs result in spoiling the society in many ways and one way was shown in the movie clearly. This movie shows the revenge of a woman who was raped and how she gives justice to the people who spoiled her life. Excellent performance from Mammooty and Nayantara. This movietravels at smooth pace and satisfying climax! Worth your time!


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