Kodiveeran (2017)

Sasikumar – Casual and Predictable Performance.
Mahima Nambiar – Simple
Sanusha Santhosh – Bold and Matured Performance
Pasupathy – Natural Performance. Good to see him in the negative role after long time.
Shamna Kasim Poorna – More of guest role
Others – Managed Well
Story – It’s a rural subject showing the relationship between brother and sister
Cinematography – Justifying
Screenplay – Slow and steady
Direction – Good
Kodiveeran (2017) – Predictable story. Director Muttaih again comes up with brother and sister relationship. His previous movie were Kutti Puli, Komban and Marudhu. This movie could have been made better since logic is missing in many places. Plenty of known casting but not utilized well. Screenplay is missing the pace which makes us bored in most of the places. It’s a average movie and one time watchable.

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