Velaikkaran (2017)

Siva Karthikeyan – Matured performance and excellent choice of script.
Fahadh Faasil – Top class and he is always one of the best performer to any kind of role.
Nayanthara – Just In
Others – Balanced
Story – A common man from the slum area fights against the rulers of corporate food manufacturers.
Cinematography – Neat
Screenplay – Blaze
Direction – Smart
Velaikkaran (2017) – Entertaining! It’s a well written script based on the consumer products. It explains the power of sales and marketing and how they targets the middle class people and showing their smartness to sell their product. The specialty about the script is detailing in the consumer field and well executed. In reality, Corporate still rules us and this movie is awareness for everyone. Movie with a message and worth your time.


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