Coco (2017)

Team – Animation and Relationship executed at it’s best
Story – This movie portrayed the life of people in the small town of Mexico and the choices people makes in their family.
Music – Energetic and Entertaining
Cinematography – Visual Treat
Screenplay – Neat
Direction – Sensible
Coco (2017) – Poetic! If Disney pixar is producing a movie, then it’s a visual treat for everyone and this movie is one among it. Pixar is known for their quality and qualified animation movies. It’s a family drama executed with visual screenplay. Some of the special moment in the movie are Mexican theme, culture, tradition and music. The characters and their relationship are designed with cute expressions. Bringing the real joy and happiness in the animation characters as the human is another highlight. Family, relationship and goal are sweetly expressed. Must watch and worth your time.

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