Balloon (2017)

Jai – It’s a script based movie and less scope for Jai to perform. He did his part well.
Anjali – Bold and challenging performance
Janani Iyer – Even though it’short role, she is beautiful to watch!
Yogi Babu – Plenty of timing punches but overdone too much
Others – Less used
Story – A director goes to Ooty to discuss on his script later he came to know his connection with his past life
Cinematography – Good
Screenplay – Smooth
Direction – Neat
Balloon (2017) – Boss!. It’s a simple and good horror flick executed neatly. Everyone has contributed equally. The only drawback was the missing thrill element apart from that everything is good enough to grab the audience attention. Credit to director for showing(Money Laundering) how politicians use the caste or community to create problem to the directors and producers. Overall it’s a good movie from the debut director Sinish.


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