The Greatest Showman (2017)

Hugh Jackman – We have seen the beast and best performance from Jackman but this movie is beyond his skills and he is to the best and most astonishing performance.
Michelle Williams – Competitive performance
Zac Efron – One of the best supportive character lived more than expectation. We all loved it.
Zendaya – Most talented athlete and dancer with excellent skills in acting and showcasing emotions.
Rebecca Ferguson – Stunning performance and she has the most beautiful eye which showcase her best performance
Austyn Johnson – Amazing talent with her ballet performance
Cameron Seely – Most cutest performance
Keala Settle – Strong and Supportive
Sam Humphrey – Inspiring Act
Music – Cool and Matching
Art work – excellent
Dance – Magical and stunning choreography
Cinematography – Eye catching
Direction – Poetic
The Greatest Showman (2017) – Masterpiece! It’s a feel good movie. Everyone’s acting and emotions are truly impressive. Story is simple and predictable but the casting and execution makes the movie more special. It’s a complete movie with all ingredients in it and also shows how tent come into act for most of the magic shows around the world compared to auditorium. This movie is based on the circus and how does the person finds a team to succeed in the circus with his fresh and unique idea. Love and emotions are expressed really well through the different characters which is realistic and amazing. It feels like we are part of each characters. The background set, music and dance choreography was to the perfections and it adds plus to the script. Everything is so good in this movie and hard to find the flaws. Love between each characters is beautifully expressed and touching. Each song has a meaning and well choreographed which will make us stunning. It’a a movie where everyone could watch many times and it inspires us in many way. I would say it’s a team victory and everyone has contributed to the best! It’s a must watch for everyone. Celebration of humanity!

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