Krishnarjuna Yuddham (2018)

Nani : He Plays a dual role in the film where he shines in one of the role in very well manner.
Anupama Parameswaran :  She is addressed as Subbalakshmi as a beautiful traditional girl. She performed well and looked more glamorous than in her previous movies.
Rukshar Dhillon : She is called as Dr.Riya in movie. Her character looks decent and performance is good.
Ravi Awana : He plays a villain role. He speaks in hindi in the movie and performance is fine.
Others– Good
Cinematography – Eye catching
Screenplay – Balanced
Direction – Decent and Impressive
Krishnarjuna Yuddham (2018) :
It is about how to save girls who are kidnapped that makes the movie a routine story. Nani acted in dual roles named Krishna and Arjun. Nani as Krishna in mass action entertains with his slang but Arjun’s character failed to show his performance as it is styled and arrogant. First half of the movie makes the audience impressive with the combination of Mahesh Vitta and Nani’s comedy. Dialogues are good. Romantic scenes are less between the hero and heroine. Music sounds well and the shots taken are very beautiful. Background score is used unnecessarily even where it is not required.
Brahmaji, a great comedian who is famous for his acts is the best entertainer in the first half of movie. There is no proper and powerful Villain which makes easy ending of the movie. In the second half of the movie, predictable direction and lengthy run-time of finding the heroines who are kidnapped. All over the movie, Nani is highlighted which is also makes you feel bored and there are no scenes between hero and heroine in the second half. Fights are good in the second half. Go and enjoy the movie for fun.

Review by Harshitha


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