OCTOBER (2018)

Varun Dhawan– Executed the role of a simple yet rebel and a revolutionary young Dan in a very subtle way with effortless portrayal and is brilliantly stitching-in many memorable moments together with his innocent acting. This is undoubtedly best performance of Varun to date.

Banita Sandhu-She leaves a mighty impression with her strong portrayal of Shiuli, and convey a lot through her motionless expressions, stony blank open eyes, stiff lips and her suppressed feelings which is bound to etch indelible impression in every mind. Her debut film deserves all accolades.

Gitanjali Rao– Exceptional performance portrayed by an IIT professor and mother of Shiuli, bringing out her emotions, love, innate feelings, hope and expectations against all odds.

Others-All the characters made it more realistic as if a real-life experience next door, with their performances.

Story– Is a unique heart-touching story of subtle love,that uses Shiuli the pristine white flower as a recurring motif and also names its leading lady after it, is like a flower—it’s beautiful, it nudges on the fragility of life.

Cinematography– Top

Screenplay– Smooth absorbing

Direction– Flawless direction by Shoojit Sarkar has kept the audience spellbound till the end with a great hope and expectation, but at the same time stitching together beautiful moments, as thin as a smile, preserved as a leaf inside a favourite book.

OCTOBER (2018)- The film takes the viewers to a different horizon and portrays life as it is. The love is not always a pretty picture with a perfect ending. Much like the fragrance of Shiuli, October gently draws viewer’s  attention to it & then leaves him/her spellbound with a bittersweet aftertaste. It is just not a movie, but an emotion portrayed so effectively both by Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu with their excellent performance. Varun’s wonderful acting and Banita’s simplicity, gracefulness and buried agony leaves viewers wondering in deep thoughts;those eyes said it all.

Review by Shreya Ghosh


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