Psychokinesis (2018)

Seung-ryong Ryu – Natural performer but in this movie it’a average performance.
Eun-kyung Shim – Emotional and expressive performance
Yu-mi Jung – Most beautiful baddie!
Other – Cool
Story – A security guard gets a superhero power after drinking the spring water. He uses his power to save his daughter from the baddies.
Cinematography – Top notch
Screenplay – Predictable
Direction – Neat
Psychokinesis (2018) – Entertaining, fun and emotional. It’s a simple and predictable story line. The main character is devastatingly average, perhaps below-average, in every way. You may, as I, find him not compelling as a hero, and wishing that it were you, instead, granted these powers. The CG work and performance from the casting makes your time worth.


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