Beirut (2018)

Rosamund Pike – Such a casual and honest performance.
Jon Hamm – Smart! His dialogue delivery were excellent.
Mark Pellegrino – More of guest role
Others – Justifying
Story – During the civil war period in beruit, CIA officers sends a U.S. diplomat to negotiate life of his friend in exchange for terrorist life.
Cinematography – Matching
Screenplay – Smooth
Direction – Directed
Beirut (2018) – Lively! It’s a well made thriller happened during 1970’s and facts about agency was clearly shown mainly Mossad. Casting choice and their performance rocks. Dialogues are smart with eye catching cinematography. Beirut was considered the Paris of the Middle East, a cosmopolitan crossroads of cultures. It’ a spy thriller well worth seeing, with plenty of twists and tense moments.


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