Fanney Khan (2018)

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan– As Baby Singh, the reigning hot female singer of the country, is gorgeous but her role devoids much logic in the story.

Pihu Sand-The young actor convincingly played Lata and brought energy to her role as an annoying teenager in constant confrontation with her parents.

Rajkummar RaoThis talented actor played to perfection and flairs the role of Adhir, the trusted friend of Prashant.

Anil Kapoor- Plays Prashant Sharma aka Fanney Khan, with perfection and integrity to bring life to the central character. Kapoor a versatile actor brought in emotions with his throbbing voice, glistening eyes and is a showstopper.

Story-Fanney Khanis a story of an aspiring musician Prashant Sharma who had all the desires to become Rafi Sahab. Anil Kapoor a beleaguered parent of a middle-class background pivotal to the story trying a balance between reality and struggle.

Cinematography– Top

Screenplay– Smooth & absorbing

Direction-Atul Manjrekar a debutant director, justifies by retaining the core theme of the story and props up substantially while serving indigenized menu on the platter of the audience.

Fanney Khan (2018)- It is a star-studded musical film depicting parental love, hope and desire to see their offspring fulfill their dreams of life.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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