Shu Thayu (2018)

Malhar Thakar.: Malhaar Thakar was seen as Manan known as manyo is main focal point in movie, wrapped in perfect and appealing Amdavadi istyle. Opening scene was how he convinced father of the girl whom he wants to marry, was love to watch. His perfect timing to crack appropriate joke and one more very important thing his chemistry shown with his three caddie-buddies Niel known as nielyo, Chirag known as chinkna and Viral known as Viryo. Whole story revolves around of how Manan forgets everything while playing cricket and next day he is going to marry Deepali aka Kinjal Rajpriya.

Yash Soni. : Neil aka Neilyo can be a perfect example of how to love your friends and stand for them in tough times. When Manan forgets everything, how intelligently he handles situation was perfectly fantastic.

Mitra Gadhvi and Arjav Trivedi: These both characters have very played their part. They add very nice comic quotient to the film, which makes movie more interesting and enjoyable ride.

Story: It is inspired by South-Indian Comedy Flick, how a boy forgets everything before one day of his marriage and then he don’t recognize his finance. I was expecting something out-of-the-box concept for memory loss. Story was totally revolving around 4 friends and their journey, of how they manage, when one of friend there is in trouble. In a nutshell, something was missing!!!

Overall, I can say it is nice family movie.

Cinematography: Excellent, nicely captured few scenes where we can recall few memories being true Amdavadi.

Screenplay: Perfect!!!

Direction: Krishnadev Yagnik the director, expectation was little bit high from this director after “Chello Divas”. Inspired by South Indian movie was only comedy flick, lack of story. Director can put effort to something more which can add more zeal to actors acting and their friendship too.

‘Su Thayu’ (2018): ‘Su thayu’ is perfect for friendship, it is voyage to enjoy with your friends and stand for your friends in tough times. Being Amdavadi, one can easily connect to so many memories and obviously love laugh riot too!

Review by Aishwarya Goswami


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