The Nun (2018)

Demián Bichir: As Father Burke, he is committed enough to give all he can muster.

Taissa Farmiga: As Sister Irene, she delivers a sincere performance & lives up to the expectations.

Story: This prequel to the ‘ Conjuring’ franchise features a Catholic priest and novice nun sent by the Vatican to investigate a mysterious suicide in 1952 Romania.

Screenplay: Devoid of any fearful threat

Cinematography: Not up to the mark

Direction: The director, Corin Hardy manages to lay down a good-looking horror film. Only if he had brushed up the story towards the edges, it could’ve been this year’s IT. He impresses with his skills and hence should be retained for the future instalments in this series.

The Nun (2018): The story is conveyed in the form of theological exposition that might appear substantial but is pretty much the same formula explored many times before in the genre. the film’s tonality is also in jeopardy. After some time, ‘The Nun’ follows a standard template as it relies solely on the eerie soundtrack and discomforting vibe, ending up being derivative. Little wonder then that it quickly loses steam, although it is bound to frighten those with a low tolerance to horror flicks.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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