Lupt (2018)

Javed Jaffrey: Javed Jaffrey with a gruff voice and an authoritarian manner about him is bearable as the family patriarch. reveals a glimmer of his foul temper when someone offers an excuse in a board meeting.

Niki Walia: Things get spooky when Tandon heads for a vacation with his family, comprising wife Shalini.

Karan Anand: He packs his model daughter (Meenakshi Dixit) and her photographer boyfriend

Rishina Kandhari: As a ghost in the movie, he gives a credible performance.

Vijay Raaz: He even gives a credible performance at whose mysterious outhouse the entire story unfolds.

Story: A road trip turns into a spooky nightmare as a family of four is attacked by strange entities

Cinematography: Not great

Screenplay: Average

Direction: Prabhuraj’s latest horror drama Lupt has a similar premise, which revolves around a family on vacation that makes a wrong turn, putting them all in mortal danger.

Lupt (2018): The scares in the film are weak. With their panda-like makeup, the spirits keep popping out at unexpected times to try and scare you, which gets old soon. The suspense, too, is weak and the payoff almost humorous. There is nothing great to look forward to in the cinematography or the music departments either.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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